Smart Phones VS Standard Cell Phones

I have had my new phone for only a few hours now and I do have to admit that I will never go to a standard cell phone again because a smart phone has more possibilities my Pantech ever had. My Pantech cell phone did suit me and gave me its purpose of existence as long as I had it but now – for the past few hours now – my now former cell phone – Pantech – is just a standard phone. I really love my first smart phone very much. It is like a computer – a mini computer in my hands. Now Bing Crosby the cat can sit on my lap more without being disrupted by the fact that I want to be on a computer. I do know that I am a little behind the times here – a tad, lol – but I did not know how I would handle a smart phone until my mom’s husband convinced me to get a smart phone. Before Sunday, when I ordered my new cell phone, I kept getting emails from my mom’s husband about the Motorola Atrix 4G phone. He convinced me and now I have one – had to call AT&T and get the phone before I went insane from all his emails, lol.

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