Water Looks Unpleasant

I had to call the office this Wednesday morning because when I flushed my toilet, the water came out yellowish after filling the toilet after a flush – several flushes that is. The idea of urine came to mind – real dark and concentrated look to the toilet water. The manager came in and saw the coloration to the toilet and flushed it and saw what I had told her over the phone. Addie Water Company came but never came to my apartment like I thought. They looked at the water softener in the boiler room of the building and left leaving saying that a part needed to be replaced on the water heater. Not too long after they came and went, the water was no longer yellowish in the toilet or did I have anymore discolored ice cubes. I do not know what the water company did but I still did not drink anymore water from the faucet – thank goodness for bottled water still being enough to last for the day and half a day Friday until I get a Brita water pitcher and a pack of Brita filters to last a while. I am no longer going to be drinking directly from the kitchen faucet anymore. Bing and I will be drinking filtered water from now on or bottled water. I AM GOING TO INVEST IN A BRITA WATER PITCHER AND FILTERS TOMORROW at the store.

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