Let Me Put It This Way…

I am glad that it is Friday and the weekend is finally here. I have my shower at 730 pm tonight and now I am waiting for 2 pm asto come about so I can go grocery shopping and then take the rest of the day, before KB gets here, for myself, and just relax. I am still recovering from last Saturday’s panic attack. I feel drained but yet able to get things done during the day. I had a busy Tuesday and today is somewhat busy if anyone considers going to the grocery store – Walmart Superstore is busy. I really do not want to go anywhere anymore this week but I do need to get some things at the store today and one of those things is investing in a Brita water pitcher with extra filters because I am no longer going to drink anymore water directly from the water faucet after yesterday’s incident with the water in the toilet being yellow like urine. From now on, starting tonight after getting a Brita water pitcher and extra filters for the it, I am even going to make filtered water ice cubes from the kitchen because the a ice cube tray full of ice cubes even looked yellowish. The idea of putting that kind of water in me or even in my cat Bing’s body does not sound pleasing – certain thoughts came into mind about the yellow water in my toilet and a bad taste came was in my mouth and that was not too pleasing either. I can not wait until after my shower tonight! Tomorrow I have my shower at 5 pm and then the rest of the weekend is all mine.

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