Looking Forward To the Week, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Looking Forward to the Week

I do have to admit that I am, somewhat, looking forward to the week. I am unsure of the upcoming week. I do not really know what is going on for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this weekend at this time. My friend RB said, a couple of days ago, while we were chatting through texting, that she was going to look into having me spend Christmas Day with her and her husband and a couple of friends. I am not going to get my hopes put high on this one because I have, for the longest time now, made plans with them and they never follow through with any of the plans made. We shall wait and see what comes about.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I have no plans made as of yet… Not sure as to what is really going on in my world as far as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day yet – hoping to hear from RB about Christmas Day, yet. AARRGG! I hope, to be honest, that I won’t be “alone” this holiday and I hear from RB about Sunday yet. I donot want to be disappointed!!

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