Looking Into Something On Monday

Not sure if something seems right or not so I am going to the office to check it out. Someone said something that does not sit right in the pit of my stomach. Who would go into a locked apartment and move a tensnt’s things in the middle of the night? I don’t think this tenant is funny in the head or anything but I do have a feeling that she is not telling the truth here.

I asked BB, a tenant and friend who is also a client of IDS, if she ever hears from KM and she said no…not anymore. I don’t feel so alone that I have not heard from her at all since she moved out herself. It proves enough that KM was nothing but trouble and her friendship with me was only a facade — a fake — a sense I had from the beginning. I don’t even talk to LG anymore either knowing she talks to KM. Also… CSE even mentioned “she’s probably real busy” in the conversation where she was not even part of the conversation after I said to BB that KM thought Teamster Manor was an unspeakable mention anyway. CSE always seems to see things rose colored and finds an excuse for everything and everyone. She needs to quit making excuses for everyone but herself. AARRGG!! I can’t figure some people out anymore. I decided against it even figuring things out anymore because it stresses me out too fast. Sometimes I wonder what planet CSE came from because she does not act right about a lot of things anymore. Anyway, BB looked pained and hurt at the mention of KM and I feel for her. With BB’s mention of ‘no’ it gave me proof enough that KM’s friendship was a big lie. If I ever hear from her again, it will be a big shock.

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