Good Evening & Good Night

I would like to say good evening real quick here. I had a fairly good day alone but now have company over for a while this evening before retiring to bed for the night and tonight is the last night for the week I really have to head to bed early before the weekend finally arrives for me. The IDS office is going to be closed tomorrow – 22nd and the 23rd an reopen their doors on Monday. My caseworker at IDS will be on vacation until January 3, 2012, and my Catholic Charities caseworker TG will be gone after the office closes Friday, December 23rd to January 3rd. I will have someone to talk to when MM is gone for the holidays until January 3rd. TG, with her being gone until the 3rd as well, defdwill survive. MM said she will call me on the 3rd even though it is not a Monday or Friday. Yes, I talked t MM an TG today.

My Jobhave

I guess, as of today, I can considered that I am once again unemployed and no longer have a job. The job I had has been, definitely, short-lived and yes, I am disappointed.

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