Just Not Sure At The Moment

Another day has gone by and here I am not sure about the new neighbor who lives above me but after seeing who she is and what she looks like, I like her but yet not sure as we only met briefly when she brought down her dog, who’s name is Sport, I met for the first time. The meeting was brief and short and as soon as I met Sport, the new neighbor headed back upstairs after having a brief moment doing his duty outside. This new neighbor is someone to get used to. She is quiet and she does seem like a nice person but I do not know her yet. After her company last week, a child, was screaming and hollering and jumping up and down and running about above me, I hope she does not think that I am ogre or something worse than that. I hope she is settling in okay and going to like it here. She does seem like a good neighbor. I have not heard much of her above me since she moved in but the 18th, her visitor was making a lot of noise that day all the time the child was here. I do not think I will have problems with the new neighbor and I hope she won’t have any problems with me. Like I said, meeting her was brief and I really did not get a mental picture of her stuck in my memory bank yet. All I remember is a woman in a wheelchair taking her dog Sport outside to do his duty and come back in and headed back upstairs to her place almost right away. I am not sure at the moment with the new neighbor. I vowed I would not become friends with many people anymore because it is not a popularity contest anymore – no longer in high school – thank goodness.

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