Pulling An All Nighter??

Sleep is not that hard to find – exactly – I got my second wind a little late in the night that is all. Company left around midnight or so – I had dozed off a little bit while watching an episode of Cannon starring William Conrad. Remember Jake and the Fatman? That gentleman before Joe Penny and William Conrad worked together in a TV series. Actually I do not remember what I was actually watching before dozing off. I am just up late tonight – watching the Disney channel at 145 am this morning for the first time in a long time – been watching METV for the past several weeks now since I found out about that channel. It is a lot better than RTV!! Seriously.

With today being the 23rd of December, we have two days before Christmas now. I do have to admit that counting the days before Christmas has not crossed my mind at all this year – not interested this year. I do not know the reason why but I do have to admit that excitement is still in the air. I did not go anywhere for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year but in January or February, I do plan on seeing my parents in Arkansas for several days, though. I am looking forward to that first trip of the year, too – nervous as well. Do I want to travel? Yes, I do. I want to see family – did not see anyone this year but one day this past summer for my 41st birthday. It has been a little emotional for me between Thanksgiving and New Years this year – not seeing family is part of the problem. So much has happened since February that I can not really go into it or I will feel very emotional all over again – will not even explain why.

As for the year of 2011, only eight days left before the year is gone forever – a distant memory where I would really like it to be – I do have to admit that it has been one heck of a year for me. I am not complaining or anything – had several weeks and weekends I did not care for this year… that’s all.

This coming year, when other people will be making their resolutions, I will not be making any resolutions. I will continue to make changes in my life for the good and learn from the not so good moments in life along the way. I do have to admit that I intend on having the 2012 year be the best year when comparing it with 2011. The people I walked away from in 2010 and 2011 will remain where they are – in the past where they belong for good. I do not intend on rekindling any friendships with anyone I walked away from. The idea of being or getting hurt again is something far from my mind now anyway. I do know that when the 2012 year does come, writing here will not change or cease but changes are going to be made to my profile and the way I write here as of January 1, 2012.

Will I see sleep soon – probably not too soon.

More later…

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