No Nework Year Resolutions But Promised Myself A Few Things!

I do not believe in New Year resolutions this year – always end up breaking what I have made promises for as far as New Year resolutions are concerned every year anyway. With that said, I did promise myself a few things though. The things I have promised myself with are as follows:

work on my friendship with CSE and be a little more patient

work on my friendship with NMS and be a little more patient and understanding even though NMS has blamed me for a few things.

work on losing weight and eating habits

be more patient with myself and continue to listen to my body at all times

not to have any UTIs and end up in the hospital anymore this year. I have already felt that my Christmas and New Year was a little off because I was not feeling well. Mercy Hospital did finally take care of me but I wish not to be hospitalized so much.

keep my bowels in check and not get constipated this year at all. Constipation is no fun and how Mercy Hospital handles bowel problems is rough on my body and kidney counts!

be patient with my dad as he means well even though he can be strong minded at times with me because of my weight and getting around. I am his eldest daughter for goodness sake and I do find him worrying about his girls a lot. Poor but handsome gentleman he is too. I know he can be annoying at times but I have to remember I am his daughter and he does care – at least I think he does care.

mot be ashamed of my anxiety/panic disorder and let it come and go, and be patient where it needs to be the most.

Anyway… that is my list of things I promised myself this year. This list can not be broken or lost in resolutions because I am not making any this year or any year after this. Promises can be broken if we are not careful. Now. evening is here, and bedtime is looming very close. Going to say good night shortly – soon enough. More later…

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