The neighbor upstairs above me has been noisy the past half hour. I have turned down the TV so she cannot hear it anymore tonight. I am not sure if I want to know this neighbor so I am keeping my distance and away from her – if I see her, I will be nice, but I am not going to become friends with any more neighbors in this building. I have problems with relationships these days anyway. Always have had problems with relationships because I was never taught how to have a good relationship with someone … always have bneen on my own two feet anyways. I am hoping that the noise this new neighbor has been making has died down for the night now so we all can get a decent night of rest and sleep. I wonder if her next door neighbor has any problems with her – I hope not. I am feeling this new neighbor is someone I find not trustworthy. She has a beautiful dog but that’s about it I can really say about her right now. I believe we have started off on the wrong foot the moment she moved in – after her little visitor was heard screaming and jumping off furniture onto the floor right above me, and constantly crying. Another AARRGG!!

I will be back tomorrow. Good night for sure now. Boy… venting a lot lately AGAIN! Dang!

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