My Morning So Far

Not An Early Good Morning This Morning, LOL

I have been up since 500 am this morning and watched ”Love American Style”, “Family Affair”, “The Beverly Hillbillies”. “Petticoat Junction”, “My Three Sons”, and now watching ”I Love Lucy” It has been an early wake up but that is okay but I decided to wait until now to say good morning at 730 am CST to my friends and readers. I just wanted to make sure I was awake before saying good morning. I have been watching MeTV ever since 5 am this morning. More details later…

Neighbor Noise – Not a Vent …

Last night I could not quite make it out what the neighbor who lives above me was really doing but she was making noise and it was excessive for fifteen minutes. I was not sure if she was telling me that my TV was too loud so she was pounding on her floor/my ceiling or she was getting ready for bed at 1030 pm while I was trying to get some sleep after my Melatonin was finally kicking in. CSE had left a little after 10 pm last night after we got done watching last week’s episode of ”Switched at Birth” – we are a week behind and I plan on watching last night’s episode sometime this week with CSE before next Tuesday’s episode – I hope. making between 1030 – 1045 pm. I was not too worried about the neighbor making noise but I do have to admit that I turned down my television and got snuggled under a blanket and read a couple of pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before shutting off the light for the rest of the night so I could get some sleep myself. I had heard, as thin the walls are around here, the neighbor flushing her toilet and head to her bedroom to bed. The neighbor rarely makes noise after 9 pm at night and so when she made some excessive noise after 10 pm last night I was a little worried but realized that she was probably getting ready for bed.

Plans For Today

Once again I have no major plans today. RK will be here at 1030 to 1145 this morning to help me wi I sti,th my shower but I do not think I am going to have anymore company today after she leaves for the day. After last night, when CSE told me her cat was not feeling very good, I thought about it all my waking minutes before bed that she needs to be with him today. If she does come down to my place, it will be only for a few minutes but not all afternoon and evening. I kind of felt awkward after she told me her cat was not feeling good and was feeling a little better when she came back down after 9 pm. It just does not seem right to leave a sick animal alone. I still think CSE should call the vet today and let him/her know that her cat is not feeling well but then again, she is not me, she’s CSE. I have no major plans today.

I have taken my morning medication and had two glasses of water already to start my day, leaving my glass of water on the counter where I took my medications, lol. Bing has made himself known this morning when I filled his food dish and checked his water for the morning – knowing he gets fresh water 3 times a day now. I got up to check and see what Bing was looking at underneath the open kitchen sink floor and found that was just staring at the darn far – scaring him by accident, lol, as he looked at me with his wide blue eyes wondering why I asked him what he was doing – acting like he was doing something wrong! Poor Bing! He’s okay now. He decided to get a little bite to eat for breakfast and a few treats. I give him Indoor Formula Cat Chow for his food and Iams for his treat twice a day when he is a good boy – he got some treats this morning. He loves Iams very much. Good kitty.

Farkle – Telling Like I see It But Not Venting…

I love playing Farkle with other players. That way I meet or see who I am playing against. Sometimes my opponent and I chat, sometimes we don’t. I have always wondered why the creators of Farkle have added the chat feature when people rarely chat with one another playing anymore. I do not chat with many people either anymore. I find it useless and pointless when opponents close out chat while playing. Another thing about Farkle that I do not really care for is when an opponent bows out of the game because they do not want to play against you – don’t they realize that they lose the game and I end up getting their allotted coins. I hate winning by default. Now, I have had to leave a game a few times myself forfeiting the coins I have put towards the game myself because I have had to do something else at the moment, but still I find it kind of odd at times when I win by default because opponent has left the game. I also find players can be sore losers as well after getting 3 farkles in a row – negative 500 points. It is so frustrating at times. My patience with players who act smug and think they are better than me runs very thin very fast and I will sometimes leave the game forfeiting the coins I put towards the game and go on to another player or on to something else at Facebook for a while. I love the game!! I am addicted to it!


Since I have my period, I do have to admit that I feel like hibernating like a bear! My energy level is lower than usual when I have my period and I just feel so blah and gross. This week has not been too bad this time but I am flowing heavy somewhat and I want to have my period to end real soon. It is driving me crazy. Thank goodness for my morning showers Monday – Thursday this week! They help very much. I just hate having heavy periods but glad I get them on time and they do not last too long! Forgive me for grossing anyone out – especially my male readers and friends.

Is JSL Okay?

I do not know why JSL said to me that she is not in the mood to text today and that she will text me again tomorrow. The past couple of days she has texted me because she needed to vent and get some things off her mind about her grandma on Monday and then had to vent about her husband’s sisters yesterday. She was crushed yesterday when she told me that her husband’s sister deleted her from their Facebook page. She was hurt – very hurt. I felt bad for her then and still feel bad for her today but there is nothing she can really do when people won’t accept her in the family because she married her husband. I wonder if she is still hurt and upset about that from yesterday and that is why she is not wanting to text at all today or does she have her monthly now too and she is just moody and does not want to be a bitch? I hope she is okay!!! I will find out tomorrow or hear from her later in an email – maybe not hear from her at all today period. Who knows. I have to wait and see. More later…

More Details Later

I am going to sign off for now and come back later. RK will be here in about an hour and fifteen minutes and I want to watch TV and read some more before she gets here. Have a good rest of your morning and I will be back soon. God bless and have a good day …

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