Final Thoughts of the Night, Good Night & God Bless

Final Thoughts of the Night

CSE has just left. We were watching “Switched At Birth” together for a long time and we watched last week’s episode tonight – a week off … so we are going to watch tonight’s episode later in the week before next Tuesday’s episode. CSE was planning on leaving before the show ended but she did stay to watch the entire show before leaving when she learned that I could fast forward past the commercials, lol. She had come back down after checking on her cat and told me that he was feeling better but still would hibernate in the bedroom under the bed. That is normal when an animal does not feel good. Bing takes leave from me during the week from time to time and sleeps in another room when he does not want nothing to do with me but he always make himself known. Speaking of him making himself known, I need to get off the computer for the night because my melatonin is now doing its sleep trick on me and he wants my lap to be free from my laptop so he can cuddle with me for the night. So…

Good Night & God Bless

Good night and God bless. I will be back tomorrow morning sometime before my 1030 am – 11:45 shower with RK. RK is here the rest of the month and then DB should be back in February again. Good night! Sleep well my friends!

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