Good Morning

It is a very cold morning today – winter is definitely here now. We had more snow and freezing drizzle last night bringing the roads to its slippery state here in our City of Janesville. Friends on Facebook are already saying the roads are slippery this early morning. Anyway… safe inside and warm and waiting for JP to arrive to help clean and do laundry this morning. Yes, JP is back and we talked briefly last night before 9 pm. She ended up having an infection and needed to be put on an antibiotic last week. She is definitely feeling better now – thank goodness. I do not know if I could take another day without JP in my world this new week.

I am off in a tangent again! Good morning and God bless and have a good day everyone. I have a semi-busy morning starting at 8 am today and then the rest of my week is all mine – showers and no appointments – thank goodness! I need a break from appointments for a while anyway.

More later…

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