Soon To Be Evening Now

I am here with CSE’s stuff – she has my keys to my apartment – and she has been gone for over an hour to go check on her cat. She texted me a awhile ago letting me know she is grabbing a sandwich and yet has not returned. I just do not understand her and never will. She is not the same person I met in 1998 when I first moved in here. We were real good friends for a long time until she got married and her husband and I had a falling out because I did not believe the person who was looking for her was her cousin or did I ask NMS if this person who was looking for CSE was her cousin. The woman who was in my apartment was a total stranger acting very strange and asking me questions I could not answer because I did not know CSE anymore – when she was CKR – and her husband made sure I knew that he was pissed off at me about the matter. That is why I have this very bad and sick feeling about CSE’s relationship with her ex-husband and new wife today – knowing that one day JR is going to find another woman and leave his now wife for a new woman. He is on his 4th marriage now and when he married CSE/CKR his first wife had died before their divorce was finalized and he was dating CSE at the time he was separated from his 1st wife. This guy does not know how to keep to one person – a player and a loser. He is one reason why I do not date at my age of 41 now. I believe CSE has had a troubled life all her life and that is one reason why she made a new name for herself a few months ago and now she is trying to erase the CKR she once was the wrong way. CSE needs help and I still have this feeling that our friendship will always be rocky because I do not understand her today and never have understood her when we reconnected January 2011 – I was so excited seeing her again for a while until I got to know her again. What her ex-husband did to me still rings in my memory very loudly every time I hear CSE is with him aassnd I despise the asshole very much – knowing that his now wife will be divorcing him soon. I hate the guy very much and never cared for the asshole ever since that faithful night. NMS took his side on the whole matter and did blame me for CSE not having any contact with her cousin for a long time after that. Well… what else could I have done – I did not know her cousin and I really do not like her cousin very much this day even.

Is this all I can do lately… vent?! People I associate with or don’t care to associate won’t let the past lie where it belongs – IN THE PAST!!!

I texted CSE a moment ago asking her when she will be back down and she texting me she is coming now. It will be another twenty minutes because Ethan will get out of the apartment and run down the hallway and she will be chasing after him for a while because he knows how to avoid her. She does have to come back anyway. She has my house keys!

More later…

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