More Thought of the Day, Evening, & Good Night…

More Thought of the Day

I feel I have vented a lot in the past few days. I have no idea if it is because I do not have any patience during the time I have my period and I am just a little anxious and panicky during that time. Yesterday, while I was talking to my caseworker MM from IDS, she said I sounded pretty happy when in reality, opinion only, I was just silly and I had my period since Sunday afternoon, MM just chuckled and agreed with me. LOL… Anyway, the rest of my afternoon was spent with no one but my cuddly kitty Bing Crosby.


My evening did not turn out the way I had planned with CSE at all. In fact, CSE and I did not get together like we were planning on earlier this afternoon. I felt like she reneged on getting together with me to watch American Idol and yesterday’s recorded episode of ”Switched At Birth”. I was greatly disappointed in what happened and not CSE down as planned this evening bothered me for a while. I ended up sleeping off the disappointment a bit – a cat nap before now. I am not sure if I am going to have CSE down tomorrow or not because I have to get up early Friday morning and go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart with JP my IDS worker. AARRGG!! CSE disappoints a lot and has done it ever since we reconnected last January 2011. Today is one of those days I wish I never reconnected with CSE when she first moved in here but the kindhearted person I am, I know that CSE needed someone around her age to communicate with, Another AARRGG!!! So here I am up, late again, for a while but heading to bed here shortly.

Good Night!

Well my friends and readers… I am saying good night now and I will be back sometime tomorrow. I have no plans again tomorrow – no definite plans anyway. I might have CSE down or no company after my 9 am shower with RK’s help. I am getting tired again and my eyes are getting droopy – yawning a must at this hour going on 11 pm CST in good ol’ Wisconsin. So good night and God bless!!

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