Hello & Good Morning, The Thought That Came To Mind, My World at the Moment, and My Day Today

Hello & Good MorningHello and good morning. Got up at 6 am this morning.

The Thought That Came To Mind

The fact that I feel I am not accepted entirely by people just tugs the heart strings. I feel I get talked down to by one friend. I feel I have not been treated nicely lately and it is hurts. Now, if I tell her how I feel, this friend will get pissed off at me (she can dish it out but she cannot take it from anyone without physical altercation looming in the air.) So I keep my mouth shut and take the emotional abuse just to keep peace and have no physical altercation. I have noticed that this friend gets pissed off so easily now and just uses me as her so called punching bag (is that the right word to use??) I have noticed to that she still acts like a child at times and boy do I ever want to go to her parents and tell them that I have this feeling of their daughter having problems with expressing exactlyfig what she wants and just acts like nothing is wrong with her way. Sometimes I find her so self-centered that it makes me so sick to my stomach I want to throw up our friendship. My IDS case manager does not feel comfortable with me having a friendship with this person anymore and I can see her concern and worry. Defending for myself is becoming more difficult physically for me because I have weak bones from osteoporosis today at the age of 41 because of all the medicine I have to take. I am avoiding that because we need to fight our own battles because we are both over 18 now. It does not matter how childish some situations may seem at that point unless there is good reason to have a parent involved. I believe my friend has grown up a lot in the time I have been her friend to the present time but I do have to admit that maybe she needs to grow into her friends more and stop copping an attitude that is yet very downgrading and childish in my eyes. I may yet walk away from this friend if things do not improve because I do not need a whole year of her crap resuming.

My World at the Moment

Not a whole lot going on right now. Waking up and watching some recorded TV shpws on my DVR box, and waiting for 1030am to roll around so I can have my shoower for the day. I have about 45mins left before my shower gal gets here – RK – and have my shower. I am watching “Dance Moms” right now. It is a good show but I am not too sure about Abby Lee Miller, the dance teacher sometimes.

My Day Today

Not sure what my day is going to be like today. Going to play the day by ear.



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