Feeling Better

Ii am feeling better now.  I am going to get supper and watch a little more TV and finish taking care of myself.  My caseworker MM called me to let me know she has a vacation day tomorrow and will hear from her again on Monday.  When I had called MM earlier, I had learned that she was going to be gone the rest of the week – this afternoon and tomorrow – not knowing this on yesterday when I spoke to her.  When I called MM’s office, I did not know she was going to call me on her work cell.  I think I will be okay.  I do feel a little foggy yet but the fog is lifting.  I looked on my laptop and found the widgets I have on there gone so I have to find out where they went but that is okay.  I am in no rush putting them back on.  I do not know why they disappeared though – that’s all.  Anyway, my upstairs neighbor is home and she is making ordinary live in noises but the noises seem excessive and loud this evening for some reason – nerves are raw yet, AARRGG! But I am feeling better now though – almost okay at 100% now.  On the mend.  I have my monthly coming shortly – hate those moments.


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    1. Thanks! I appreciate it Apolline. Being horrmonal right now makes it tougher and it really stinks. I cry a lot more at the drop of a hat, things are misunderstood, trying to explain things becomes difficult, and because of my anxiety/panic disorder, breathing becomes the thing of the past – harder to do. Heart races to the point I jump out of my skin, and it scares the heevie jeevies out of me or anyone. I am not ashamed that I have such a disorder but I do have to admit I wish I did not have it. This week has been a challenge for me.

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