Will It Ever End?

I am feeling like I am being treated like a child all over again when it comes to one particular friend!  She repeated herself 4 times now that she will not have her phone on after her good night tonight or that this is the weekend she has her stepson and it is HIS time.  I need to be told once and not treated like a damn child that she has been acting lately – all pissy at me because I do not listen to her at all lately when she does not listen to herself and does NOT practice what she preaches herself lately.  I am glad she is taking a break, damn it, as she needs it from time to time but she does not have to treat me like crap all the damn time either – lately she has been causing an upset with me.  She won’t freaking stop her crap.  I have better things to do than sit here at home fighting with someone who acts childish herself LATELY!   When will it ever end?  NEVER!  She does not get it half the time like she gets me most of the damn time.  I can not point out her faults but she can give it to others – a giver and not a taker?  Hmmm?  She texted me 4 times, messaged me 3 times, and emailed me 2 times about the same damn thing and i can not say anything to her about how she treats me?  Nope.  NEVER!  She gets pissed off.  Damn!  What the heck!  If I see her on Facebook, I know well that she has her phone turned on or she is on the computer at home.  Sometimes I still wonder if she loves to pick fights and keep the damn fuel going so the fire is always burning under her damn feet.  She never loses and no friend of her wins.  What kind of friend is that?  Not one.

A relationship is a two way street – not one sided.  It’s not all my fault here!  I ave a right to my feelings, don’t I?  I am sick and tired of people telling me I have so much trouble with relationships and I wear people out by my own family!!!  I never seem to win with anyone but myself.  It is like I am an outsider looking in among total strangers that my family seems to be for me lately.

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4 thoughts on “Will It Ever End?”

  1. Sorry, only venting but I am getting sick and tired of some people’s bull crap lately. Please excuse my swearing here. Thanks! I am pissed and hurting – heart aching.

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