Sometimes It IS Not Fair & the Text Message, Liking New DD

Sometimes it IS Not Fair

I am a client for a company who comes into my home to help me with my showers every morning Monday thru Thursday and on Friday and Saturday I have showers in the evenings.  Apparently, no worker can have clients on their Facebook page because the workers are to be professional and not friends.  I was informed this morning that my shower gal had to take me off her Facebook page because clients were not allowed as a company rule.  I told her that was fine but I thought that it seemed unfair to myself.  I am crying inside all over again – hurt.  What workers do on their personal time should not be a problem and not business of whatever company a person works for.  Darn rules but then again some people are sticklers to following rules of the workplace and that is okay with me, though.  It IS, sometimes, not fair no matter where you go in life.

Anyway, since I have not yet heard from my original shower gal who ended up taking medical leave after having gall bladder surgery, I decided to un-friend her on Facebook because I do not know if I have done anything wrong and why she has not written back to any of the messages.  I said something to her workplace about her not getting back to me about her returning – big mouth – and I was given the client/worker, professional talk about having any of my workers on Facebook.  Ok, understandable – hurt.  Seems unfair and kind of odd.  II do not like company rules all the time and thank goodness I do not work right now.  I am not even sure if I will even return to the workplace I was hired to work at this past summer.  At this time I do not want to return back if it was even Spring now – thinking about it seriously, too.

The Text Message

CSE calls me at 1030 to let me know so and so showed up – just showed up – and so she was not going to go with  me to Family Video to rent the “Willard” movie.  I sent her a text this morning and she told me she never received it and I told her I was not going anywhere anyway.  I can not even get CSE half the time and I know I sent the text and I have had it on my phone for a while before deleting it. She should have received it.  Sometimes I wonder if CSE has some screws loose – looser than usual these days.  I am glad she is not going to be around anyway,  I am taking my break from her today.  With this friend showing up – just showing up – really is not right.  No phone call to ask if he can come over,  Damn ex’s!  He cheats on CSE and marries the woman he cheats with, divorces her, and marries another woman?  CSE is in an unhealthy relationship and she is going to have to fall hard on her bottom to see the person she has definitely become – strange and people walking away from her because she is not acting right in the head most of the time.  I have done my best to be patient with CSE and yet I get blown off for her damn ex-husband – excuse me… her friend.  He is NOT her friend.  He is a cheater and a liar.  He is on his fourth wife now – 1st one died before marriage was dissolved, marries CSE and cheats on her, marries the woman who he cheats with, divorces her, and marries his fourth wife.  He will never change.  He will cheat on his fourth wife, unless she has a tight leash on him, lol, and end up leaving her eventually,  Crazy bastard I say.  Idiot men and men wonder why I get disgusted with them when they only talk about having sex and want to go to bed with their so-called woman.  Gross. Sick.  Nutty.  Assholes they are, lol. Need I say more?  I got dumped for an ex, lol, AGAIN!  All because he just showed up.  Yes, I am pissed off.  Something is wrong with that woman.  She blind and deaf to reality.  Come back to reality CSE! No one is going to help you if you do not start listening to people.  You have turned people away already.  ME!  I am having another break from you again because you act so odd and strange and don’t live in reality anymore. What happened to you – forgot you are not CKR anymore – DAMN!

Liking the New DD

I happen to like the New DD very much so I am bouncing back and forth from here to the “old” Dear Diary site for now until changes are made and when others have migrated over to the new dear diary site.  I can not explain why I like it here yet because I am still getting used to the site but once I do find out – if I do – I will let everyone know.

More later…

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    1. Hello Horny Hot,

      Thank you for you comment, I have heard of wordpress and blogengine. I have been at Dear Diary for almost 12 years now and I love it here. I blog everyday because I have too much time to think these days since I am not working right now – economy has made it hard for jobs right now. Thanks again for commenting.

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