Getting Beat Up, LOL

Anytime Bing Crosby does not get his way or is naughty, he seems to beat me up with his tail against my face and head for the fact that he is mad at me for scolding him. Honestly, Bing Crosby kitty is exactly like a human being when mad.  Sometimes I wonder of pets have little people in them.  Pets have feelings too of course.  Anyone who does not like a cat or dog or any kind of loving pet, then there would be a problem in this society.  I cannot imagine abuse to an animal of any kind – domestic or wild – because people do not care about animals.  Bing is such a good boy most of the time – naughty streaks included is a part of everyday life here in the household.  He is my “son” and I love him dearly.  What a kitty for a 7 year old.  Gotta go now and make my lap available for a cuddly little boy.  Later…

Author: ksmiley

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