Good Morning

I am going to say good morning quickly and then head off here and spend some time with Bing Crosby the cat before my shower gal RK gets here to help with my shower this morning at 9 am today.  I was planning on going to Family Video this afternoon to go rent a movie – a horror flick title “Willard” but not going to do that since I have been up since 315 am now and yawning a lot and sleepy still.  I did sleep six to seven hours last night though since I fell asleep when CSE was here for the evening babysitting a naughty cat while i went out to eat with my manfriend SJ last night at the Texas Roadhouse.  All is good though.  I did have a good time away from the building for a couple of hours before returning back to the stress of the building.  When I had gotten home, leaving my cell phone home while I was away, came back to a couple of texts from JSL stating that she was mad at me at how I used a tone about gas money.  I ended up having to straighten that out and make things right between the both of us before falling asleep because neither one of us can no longer go to bed angry or hurt anymore or sleep alludes us both.  We were able to have understanding and apologies were made – as I did not intend on saying anything negative about gas money.  JSL ended up reading that portion of the message incorrectly.   I was able to get her to understand.  Once again I felt like I was misunderstood again – disregarding such a long message from her on Facebook and her repeating herself – she does not like it when I repeat myself – hmm?  Something is wrong with this picture.  She can point out her faults and she repeats herself three times last night?  Sounds odd I know.  She can give criticism but seems to not take it very well so I avoid such headaches as that with her.  I was so tempted to call her parents last night to help her understand better but then she would text me and get all mad at me all over again for getting her parents involved.  It does not go very well either way with JSL sometimes for some darn reason.  We were able to work things out before i went to bed though.  We are okay now.  Thank goodness!  I just wish I could get rid of that feeling that she does not accept me for who I am entirely all because of my faults she points out to me every couple or few days!  Dang!

Today is going to be a low key sort of day for me after 1015 am all day.

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