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Hello & Good Morning!

Hello and good morning everyone! I hope everyone has a very good day. I just wanted to say hello this morning. I did not sleep the best last night but I do have to say that I did get some sleep. I had a visitor last night.


It’s that day again, cleaning and laundry day! JP (who will be JE this summer because she is getting married again) and J will be here to clean and do laundry with me this morning at 8 am CST. I was not going to come to Dear Diary and New Dear Diary until after my 9 – 1015 shower but I wanted to give myself a little bit of me time before it got busy at 8 am to 1015 am. I think all is good. Not sure yet because I just woke up a few minutes before 7 am.

Long Time No See…

I had a little visitor last night from 7 pm – 1030 pm last night. I was able to see my long time friend – college days – WBG who came to Janesville with her husband who had to go to his grandma’s funeral yesterday but WBG could not go – major anxiety had hit her. She had called me around 430 pm last night and we chatted until 630ish until I asked her “why not come over here for a while, you can see me after all?” We got to see each other after all and it may have been without her husband BG but that’s okay. So I got to see a long time friend! WBG and I met each other during our Blackhawk Technical College days when I was in my early 20’s – young and still immature. I have failed a couple of classes at that time because all I cared was being with my friends and playing euchre all the time! I did not get serious about college until I attended Blackhawk Tech again about 10 years later and had troubles with Accounting I because of the way it was being taught, and withdrew from class twice, and then attending University of Phoenix from 2008 through 2011 to get my BA and MSA there and FINALLY getting through the core classes. I am now an accountant but have to find a job in the field yet but jobs in the field here in Janesville, Wisconsin are harder to find.


I will be back later. Company will be here in 25 minutes. Have a great day everyone. God bless! Man, after seeing WBG last night, I am very happy.

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