No Job To Go To This Spring

My, now former boss, came over today to deliver my silver walker back to me because it was at the workplace still. He told me that the business I was working for no longer exists because the partnership he had was dissolved. I saw this coming in October when I emailed him and he emailed me back that he will know more by November but at the time he said that I still had a job at the time. I found out today that I no longer have a job. I was not surprised because I knew that this was coming once he told me that the partnership was being dissolved, I had that feeling that the job he hired me to do would no longer exist not because of the fact that I was going to be fired or let go, but his portion of the business would no longer exist. His partner, a fine woman she is at doing fundraisers and teacher (retired) just does not have a “business” sense. She still has her side of the business – what she does – but I have a feeling that she will/could run into some problems. I am okay with not having a job to go this Spring. My “boss” had to do what he had to do. His partner wanted to dissolve the partnership.

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    1. Thank u. My boss saw it too. He hired me to work for him and I am appalled at how his partner just didn’t get the reason why I was there. She seemed to be interested in her portion of the business that wasn’t business. She does not have a business sense. Sad.

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