Yesterday, Good Morning, Today’s Plans


I was not feeling good yesterday so I did not get on Dear Diary or New Dear Diary at all. I did not get online much on the computer laptop either. I did not play Cafe World, Facebook, Bejeweled Blitz, or other Facebook games. I did look online on my cell phone though.

Good Morning

It’s Friday. I had company last night from 7 pm to 12 midnight. I did not sleep well the past couple of days so last night was the first night I finally felt tired and sleepy and did not like the idea of being totally alone all night so I asked CSE if she could do me favor by coming down and she had no problem with it even though she was at my place from after supper hour to 7 am yesterday morning – staying up all night long with me while I napped off and on after coming home from the ER because I was not feeling good and needed to get checked out.

Today’s Plans

I do not going shopping at Wal-Mart today. JP is coming over this morning and we are making plans for the next shopping spree I have in mind … things I want to get. KB will be at 730 pm tonight to help with my shower.


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3 thoughts on “Yesterday, Good Morning, Today’s Plans”

  1. Stopping in to say ‘Hi’ before heading out to work. I only work 1-5 today which is about all I think I can handle. Not feeling so great myself (perhaps all the pepper I poured on my food last night? LOL). Hope this evening finds you feeling better. I have arranged a ‘date’ with myself and am treating myself to pizza and an evening of relaxation tonight. Who knows, maybe even a bubble bath. I recommend a bit of self-indulgence to everyone today! Catch you later.

    1. Thanks Ann! I appreciate it greatly. I am feeling a little better. I am eating the foods you would eat when you have flu symptoms. I do not know what happened but I am glad i am feeling better. Since I have a kidney transplant of 24 years, I am very sensitive and prone to other germs and I take super duper care of the transplanted kidney everyday and do my best when i do not feel good. I did not go grocery shopping today because of three different reasons but still saw my worker.

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