Good Morning, What’s Been Going On

Good MorningI would like to, it has been a couple of days, where I have not said good morning. Today is a good morning. From last Tuesday – Monday of this week, I was not feeling very well that will be explained more in “What’s Been Going On”. I slept well Monday night as well as last night, so I am feeling better again.

What’s Been Going On

I am not sure what really happened but I do believe I took on more than I can handle because by Monday, February 27th, I had the worst anxiety and panic I have ever had in a very long time. I may have had a touch of the flu last week Tuesday for a couple of days but the days from Thursday to Monday eating was not happening as my hunger was gone causing my body to react and bring on symptoms I felt before but where not really the problem. When my body is filled with anxiety and problems, my body reacts to anxiety and panic. I was in the ER at my whits end when I thought I was constipated by the finding of that was I was not backed up. No tests were done because tests were done the morning before in Madison. I was in the ER from 330 to 530 or so that day. By the time I left my body was calming done a bit and the doctor herself came in and told me what to do when I got home and everything will work out in the end once it finally gets to where it belongs. The doctor and nurse were so good to me.

More later… I have to eat some yummy breakfast now



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