630 AM, Good Morning, Remembering Joan Deneen, A Quick Hello, Winter Wonderland This Morning, Last Night, So Far, Success

630 AMI slept about 9 hours last night. Not bad. I decided to get up for the day a few minutes after 630 am and snuggle up with Bing who has been sleeping with me all night for the past two evenings. I do not feel tired – refreshed.

Good Morning

Good morning! I have already begun my writing regimen for the day, watching recorded TV programming on my DVR box, and wondering what I am going to do today before 5 pm when KB comes to help with my shower.

Remembering Joan Deneen

Usually I do not use full names in my journal, blog entries, but I believe today is an exception.

Joan M Deneen passed away on February 26, 2012 from a heart attack. Joan was Blaine Vance’s partner in the business IDC Creations I worked briefly when the business opened. In November and December, the business changed and IDC Creations was no more and partnership was severed. Apparently, from talking to Blaine yesterday afternoon to see if he was planning on going to Joan’s funeral, Blaine told me that Joan was really worried about making ends meet with her business – now all hers. My heart goes out to the family and friends, and acquaintances of Joan. May she rest in peace now. RIP Joan Marie Deneen. You were loved by many. God bless you!

A Quick Hello

I have no idea why this is here now, lol, but hello. Have a good day!

A Winter Wonderland This Morning

We do have snow on the ground today. I had awakened to a winter wonderland as planned. I believe this is our first winter storm we have had all winter, too.

>Last Night

When KB left to go home for the evening, I went to bed with her shutting off all the lights after I got in my bed for the night. I was in bed by 9 pm last night.

So far, Success

I have been sleeping in my bedroom since February 29th and it has been successful.



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