Chat and Competitive Players At Farkle…

Okay, I have said this probably a thousand times now but I really do not care. I am venting … exactly … maybe a little at the moment anyway.

Why do the creators of Farkle even bother creating a chat when it comes to playing with opponents when players rarely use it.  I do not use it much anymore because other players do not want to chat with me anyway,  I have run into some chatters in the past but very few in the past few months now.  I have even run into some real kooks as far as chatters are concerned – men especially!  I am a young woman who does NOT like talking sex, politics, or religion to other people except for her fellow Christians now a days because these topics are so diverse and so many opinions are built up and such topics become heated and mangled into a fine, horrid mess.  Who needs the damn stress?  I surely don’t!  I have my own demons to contend with everyday of my life now.  I just got out of a fine emotional mess a few days ago now and need NOT to fly right into another fine emotional mess again for a long time ,,, for the rest of my life if I can help it from this day forward but I know that is not totally possible.  I am not flawless or faultless these days,  I am a human being imperfect like everyone else in this world under God’s watchfulness.  Anyway,,,

Here I played Farkle this afternoon now several times with other opponents,  No one chatted and I disabled chat a couple of times myself.  I have had men chatting with me talking sexually so now when I play with an opponent who is male, I disable chat in a flash/second and not deal with him.  Men can be so darn gross and sick talking sexually at me.  I have enough problems having a male friend, who will remain nameless, always messaging me, “hello sexy!”.  I HATE THAT VERY MUCH!  It’s gross and demeaning to me.  I am not like that idiot.  So I finally ignored and stopped messaging the idiot back and he has not messaged me for a while now.  Damn men think with their damn penises than they do with their brains unless their damn penis is their damn brain.  Gross idiots!!  Sick!  Another anyway.,.

In a few minutes I will be doing my walk regimen out in the hallway and see what the manager is up to this sunny but chilly afternoon.  I got done playing Farkle for a while with other players … one man seemed to be very competitive and wanting to win the game so darn badly every time I got up to his score or higher.  BTW, he did win the game anyway,  I won only two games so far today and one of them was a draw because the opponent did not even play.  Dang it people.  Why bother playing Farkle with an opponent if you do not wish to play with another?  How rude you idiots are!  Some people are just plain too damn competitive these days and it drives me up a darn wall!  Some people are just too competitive for me at times.  Oh don’t get me wrong here because I too can be competitive and I do have that nature in me as well but honestly, I do not compete often enough because I hate competitions.  I do not like to, unless I have to, forfeit a game of Farkle sometimes but I continue to play the game no matter how many Farkles I have in a roll that others do leave the game for after reaching three Farkles and a -500 in a game.  AARRGG!!

Okay, this was not a “sort of” vent.  It was…  fine and good now, I think.  Now I can go on my walk regimen.  I have to take my phone with me because I am expecting a call back from Madison sometime today or before the weekend starts tomorrow at 430 pm around here.  Good bye for now but not forever.  Later…

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