Taking Time For Self Now, 9 AM, Recap of Yesterday, Added Thoughts Today’s Plans

Taking Time For Self NowI went to bed around 938 pm last night right after finishing up my writing for the day at New Dear Diary. I listened to music for about twenty minutes before finally closing up shop for the night and climbing under the covers with Bing right near me – at my feet. I had set my alarm clock in bedroom at 7 am and decided to get up at that our to give time for myself before my 9 am shower this morning. I have already played a game of Words With Friends, Scrabble, and texted a couple of people for the morning, and now taking time to write at Dear Diary before my shower. This is “taking time for self now”… Bing has already sat on my lap this morning giving his morning wishes and kisses, and now is laying behind my on the back of the recliner where we love to reside most of the time during the day when we do not have anything else to do right when we get going in the morning. I am awake and ready for my day – at least part of it anyway. I hate not having a shower in my mornings when morning showers are scheduled. That will happen within the next half hour now. I have had the TV off all night long now and have not turned it on right away as soon as I got out into the living room for the early morning before my shower. No need to really turn the TV on yet anyway. Nothing to watch and most of my shows I record can be watched later. I feel well rested and ready for my day even though there are no plans made for the day after my shower. I keeping mentioning shower – don’t I? lol … my showers, outside Friday and Saturday are my focus of the mornings now – 6 days worth of showers now for the past several months now. Yay!

9 AM

It is now officially 730 am now and RK will be here within a half an hour from now. I believe I have given myself enough time for self now – I think.

Recap of Yesterday

I did a lot of writing and reading yesterday … playing games on my smartphone and on Facebook as well. This morning I read a chapter of “Little Women” as well as part of my “taking time for self” right away this morning as soon as I trampsed into in the living room and sat down for my early morning ritual. I do a lot of sitting in my recliner these days – oops. Today I think I am going to do a lot of reading again. I am just about half way into the book I am now reading – thankfully. I have other things to do.

Added Thoughts

I do have to admit that my mind is abuzz with thought all over again this morning. I just do not know what to do with half of my thoughts. Yesterday did not feel like a Wednesday and waking up to a Thursday that does not feel like it is a Thursday either. I do not like winter months – strange one this year – and the Spring months are soon approaching. I am just beside myself right now – off. I had called my IDS worker and told her what yesterday felt like and called around 730 am to tell her that today seemed the same as yesterday. I hate my shifty moods this month! Between Winter and Spring I get this way and it drives me crazy – literally. I scare myself real easy during this time of the year. Must have been a full moon the past few days! I even have my monthly now – started late last night when I went to bed after 10 pm! Yuck! This time I did not feel like a faucet that was left running but several days ago I cracked under pressure from anxiety and panic of things that kept building up until I could not take it anymore. That is what happened this time and last March of 2011 as well. Must be a Winter to Spring seasonal thing with me. Oh well. The important thing is that I am still here. Another day has come and things have to be done today, tomorrow, and I do have possible plans for Saturday after my 5 to 615 pm showering with my best friend SJ. Did I tell you that my friend SJ is gay? He is and a sweet gentleman to hang with and chat with online all the time.

Today’s Plans

I just have RK coming to help me with my shower this morning at 9 to 1015 am this morning … no plans made today. It DOES NOT feel like a Thursday to me. Dang Springtime weather ALL winter long. The snowstorm we had a few days ago is now pretty much gone and today the sun is shining more and yesterday the sun was not shining at all. I do believe in the weather people once in a while. I love Haddie McLain a lot. Nope, did not listen to the news or weather yet today. It is now 845 am. Gotta run for now to have a few minutes of reading time again before RK gets here. Later…



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