Is This Really Wednesday, CSE Called, & Good Night

Is This really Wednesday

Okay, forgive me here, but today does not seem to be Wednesday to me at all.  I cannot really explain it right now and may never have the opportunity to do so after tonight anyway.  It just DOES NOT feel like Wednesday to me at all ,,, NOT AT ALL!  I have done my normal Wednesday stuff – no walk regimen today – but read most of the day and played Scrabble and Words With Friends on my smart phone all day long, and watched a few recorded shows and mostly Live TV today,

CSE Called

I got a call from CSE a while ago and she came down to pay me for the use of the internet.  She pays $5 a month for the use of the internet when she does not visit here – when possible on the 3rd floor for her.  I do not allow her to go into the community room using my internet because I do not want other tenants nosing in our arrangement of internet use.  After dissolving my so-called business relationship with the tenant who lives in my now former 3rd floor apartment, I do not want this idiot knowing my business with CSE whatsoever.  The reason I dissolved my business relationship with this idiot of a tenant is because he was using my modem – unsecured network – to look at pornography on his laptop computer right in the community room where other tenants sit and watch TV and play card and board games everyday.  Gross and demeaning, and idiotic.  I have been told that if he was looking at child porn, which he was not thank goodness, I could have gotten in very serious trouble with the law allowing my modem to be unsecured and not having a password. I have, since then, got help getting a password on my modem and only CSE and I know what my password is now.  The idiotic tenant, troublemaker as he is still to this very day around here, DOES NOT have access to my modem anymore.  He got really pissed off at me for it and demanded his damn money back but I did not give him back his money because i had learned of the months he has used my internet access in the community room without my knowing it and been watching pornography.  I had every right to keep his damn money the last few days of using my internet when I did not have a password on my modem.  What a big jerk he was – still is to me if I ever see him in person. He is one ugly idiot standing tall and mean over the shortest person around him.  Yes, the idiot is taller than me and hovers over me like a mean old man even though he is only a few years older than me.  Okay, let’s get back on the subject at hand now, thanks, lololol.  Anyway, CSE called me this evening around 830 pm to let me know she was going to come down and pay for the use of the internet upstairs at her place when it works for her, see me for a few minutes.  I did tell her how I felt about her not coming down at 8 pm as planned on Sunday and she told me why and that she did try coming down Sunday evening to tell me along with Monday and yesterday, but her excuse that she was having trouble with her cat Ethan was not an excuse I would consider why she did not make it Sunday night very well – lame and dumb excuse.  Her damn cat is always causing trouble for her and she needs to get rid of him because he is mean and chews on things that are dangerous and I will never allow Ethan down here anymore – he is bully cat to my cat Bing and that is NOT allowed whatsoever.  Anyway, CSE stayed for a few minutes and then headed back upstairs to watch a movie she had in her DVR player.   I did not want her to stay long anyway.  I just wanted her to make herself known to Bing and watch a couple of songs on American Idol, and see the two people who were mentoring the singers on the show tonight,  I believe the female mentor was Mary J Blige but CSE did not know and I was not sure myself.  Whoever it really was, I loved her hair style very much though.

<b>Good Night</b>

Well … I am heading to my bedroom for the night now to listen to some music and then go to bed.  I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow when I get up for the day and ready to spend time online before, after, or after my 9 am shower.  Good night and God bless.  Everyone sleep well.  Whew!  Yawn.  Bye for now.  Yay, BEDTIME!  Another yawn!

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