I Have An Ouch Today…

Okay, pain and I do not get along at all. My pain threshold is very small and I can feel every ache and pain now and then. It can be rather scary sometimes. Today the pain/ache is not scary at all… just unbearable sometimes. It comes and goes as usual. I think that I am having some aches is because I have my dratted period right now but I am still glad I get my period every month on time regularly. I have had my walk this morning while shopping at Wal-Mart Superstore so walking is not necessary anymore today. I walked a lot today from one end of the store to the other and back to the nearest door to the vehicle JP and I came in. I was even limber enough to get in and out of the vehicle without a problem and that made me feel real good. I do have some good upper strength. With my little aches and pains coming and going – cramps also coming and going in my right foot, I am hanging in there. My ankles do not seem to be swelling much today either – a side affect I have before and during my period – not too bad today or this time around. I have not cried a lot before my period came but I think that my major anxiety/panic attack was what happened this time – two weeks before my period actually finally arrived. AARRGG!! So I have an ouch today… I will be okay.

Now that I have an ouch today, I am laying low somewhat but still do what I can and be lazy all day. My period is heavy today so I am laying low and comfortable and feeling I am changing every hour.Sorry for the grossness everyone but I do feel gross today until after my evening shower at 730 pm.… Just remember that I will tell like it is at times. I will be okay. It is only 230 pm in the afternoon. I have watched Mission Impossible, Judge Judy, Charmed, and did some reading this afternoon. All seems to be in order for now… All is good now.

Maybe more later…

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