One More Thing!


I am not going to let these stupid spam comments ruin my journal.  I am on the careful watch of what is said in comments before approving any comments, and I love this feature at New Dear Diary.  I had a dratted spam talking about Viagra.  For goodness sakes… what the heck!  Oh well.   I had a great laugh tonight before retiring.  Now, good night! I think it is finally “good night” lol.  Tomorrow now.  Another “yawn” again.  Amen!

Author: ksmiley

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1 thought on “One More Thing!”

  1. Yawn. Can I now go to bed, lol. I can barely keep my eyes open anymore this day … evening. I have to set a couple of clocks ahead now and thank goodness, it is in my bedroom. I had an awesome day! Yawn

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