Final Thoughts For March 10th

Well my friends, I have to admit that I had a great time out with my best friend SJ.  We did not get to go to Wild Buffalo Wings tonight as planned.  We got there and saw a long waiting period so we went to Applebee’s instead for supper.  We still had chicken for supper though.  In fect we had a 2 for $20 supper of an appetizer and entree.  Delicious!  We had onion rings for the appetizer and we both ordered Blackened Chicken Penne for supper.  Drinks were different, though.  SJ had Diet Coke while I had Kiwi iced tea.  That was a delicious semi sweet drink for me.  Yummy supper, too.  I was not disappointed that we did not get to Wild Buffalo Wings tonight as planned because I hate waiting for more than 15 minutes around any time of the eating hour, lol.

It is 2 1/2 hrs past my bedtime so I am going to get my jammies on and go to bed now.  I will write more tomorrow when I get up for my day sometime.  Good night and God bless.  “Yawn”.

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