Feeling Odd But Not An Odd Odd Anyway, LOL

It does not seem an hour and a half has gone by in my wee world at this moment.  Nothing new has happened yet exactly except running to the bathroom a few times already, watching Live TV at the moment, had watched some recorded TV already, and been engross in “Little Women” the past few days and now cannot put the darn Kindle Reader down without disgust and the need.  Bing Crosby the kitty has been loving and full of meows and patience this day for me that is so nice.  He is not demanding my lap this day so I have it bear with my Kindle Reader in my hand or my cell phone playing Words With Friends, Scrabble, and android games I love most on my cell phone.  I will never go back to a standard cell phone unless I REALLY REALLY REALLY have to.  My mind is overthinking a bit at the moment and yet I cannot put down my Kindle reader too long to write my thoughts over the screen here much too long.  Bing has had his so-called washing of self on the living room floor and I told him that CSE was not coming down at all this weekend and after supper, it will be our weekend with no more company coming after KB leaves for the weekend – my 5 pm shower about 2 1/2 hours away, supper with my best friend SJ, and then the rest of the weekend all mine and Bing’s.  I still have NOT started my “Anxiety & Panic Disorder Journal” my IDS caseworker MM wants me to write and look back on every time i fall into another anxiety and panic spell like i did two weeks ago.  The anxiety and panic spell I had two weeks ago practically mimicked the one I had a year ago around the same time.  It is believed in my heart that this horrible panic attack I had this last time that mimicked the one last year has something to do with Winter turning into Spring now.  I know who and what triggers my anxiety and that is real good.  Now I have to heal.  Well, I better go and begin writing my “Anxiety & Panic Disorder Journal” before I have to really think about getting ready for my shower and evening with my friend SJ.  SJ is gay and we are real good friends.  I love him to pieces for being such an honest fellow with love and understanding of women and men both.  I do not give a darn if my friend SJ is gay.  He is a good person!

Anyway, having dinner with my friend SJ does not mean that I will stay up real late.  I do not up past 9 pm much anymore unless it is an occasion and since it is Saturday, I do stay up a little later but not very much later than usual.  I have a set sleep schedule and want my 8 to 9 hours of sleep to regenerate my body.  That is one reason why I resume to sleep in my bed again instead in my recliner or on the futon in living room now-a-days since February 29, 2012.  I have changed my ways a bit once again – a little late.  I am trying to do my resolutions – late of course – now.  Time to make some serious changes in my world.  My sleep last night was great and I slept very well all night long – dreamed something I cannot remember now – strange but true.

Again… More later.  Good bye for now once again.  “sigh”

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