Tuesday Is Always Busy Here

Even though JP did not come until 10 am this morning, I have had my shower and my hair put up in a ponytail, and RK left after clocking out. JP and I went to the bank this morning to get $10 worth of quarters for laundry since I only had .50 left – oops, and came back and took care of the wet laundry and got them in the dryers. We had two loads of laundry to do today. JP cleaned the bathroom, mopped the floor, and went up to get the laundry, and put it away after coming back down.

I have an appointment at 1 pm with Susan that was scheduled last week, and JP met me there to see what my meetings were all about.

After my appointment, I went home, and finished the rest of my day alone. I had gotten some fresh air and so the fresh air wore me out. I had fallen asleep before 7 pm while watching a recorded TV program on my DVR box.

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