Some People Are Just Plain Rude, Some People Just Don’t Get It, My World Is Different Now

Some People Are Just Plain Rude

NMS and I are no longer communicating with one another.  We have seen each other in passing a couple of times in the past several days since I have been back from the hospital.  Not communicating with NMS today is no loss for me now.  She is now just a neighbor who lives on the same floor as me but at the other end of the building.  She is no longer the surrogate mom I grew to love since April 1998.  She is a negative influence in my past life before when anxiety was in my life everyday.  I just love it and have laughed at it when people act stuck up and do not even ecknowledge your presence when you are in the same room.  NMS did that to me the other day.  I have never knew that her world was so chaotic and she being so determined not to let the past roll away.  She has, and I know I will not, not receive an apology from what she said on March 11th.  Some people are just plain rude, nasty, and mean.  Never will I ever befriend NMS again.

Am I hurting?  I was hurting at one time when I heard the mean, nasty, unkind words that came from her on March 11th, but today I am not hurting anymore.  I have no reason to be hurting anymore.  She is out of my life for good and I hope one day she does realize that her actions towards me – again – will strike her heart how nasty she really is and has been.  I have had been able to roll things off lately.

Some People Just Don’t Get It

Well… I am not friends with LS anymore because she believes that I am the friend that told another friend about her not getting her car up and running like she said she was planning.  For the past couple of weeks now I have heard nothing but lies and rudeness about and from her.  She says one thing and then does not follow through with it.  She says she is in love with a neighbor who is abusive to her and to other people, and she just does not get it.  I also know now, having a clear head and a clearer mind, LS and I were never friends in the first place.  She uses people, and the person she said she says she loves, uses her just the same. In fact, this gentleman who LS hangs with everyday says nasty things about LS when she is not around.  She does not clean herself up and she does have severe body odor.  A nice gentleman was going to help her out and get her away from this neighbor, but she just strung him right along, and they are no longer friends with one another either. She is all messed up in the head – it seems.  Something is not right anyway.  She is heavier than me and one day she is going to die being obese and not taking care of herself properly.  She has already been in the hospital a few times now because of her heart – she said so anyway.  So I am no longer talking to LS anymore now either.  She was, yet, another person I had to walk away. The way I had to … was quick.  I just deleted her phone number from my cell phone and intend on not accepting anymore phone calls since she does not want to believe something I was told about earlier today.  I do not feel sorry for her.  I am not backing down and changing my mind.

My World is Different Now

No more anxiety, my head is clearer, I have joined Weight Watchers, feeling happier, and surrounding myself with things that are positive more so than negative.  I have learned a lot in group while I was in the hospital on the psych floor about boundaries.  I will not allow people to cross a boundary that is where they do not belong anymore.  I will keep to myself, I know who care and will be there for me, and that is all that counts for me right now.  I am not totally friendless and will never be friendless.

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