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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been super duper busy and by the time I want to write in my journal to give any update of any kind, I really couldn’t because I had fallen asleep and slept through the night  It just seems, at this time, my new med – Clonazepam – has been doing its job for me as far as anxiety is concerned.  Ever since my meds have been adjusted between March 20th & 23rd, and being discharged on the 23rd that morning and leaving after lunch,  I have had no anxiety ever since I have been home now and it feels great not having anxiety and panic now.  I still, two weeks later, wonder where my anxiety went knowing the why it does not exist anymore.  I realize now, a few days ago I discovered this, that I was living with anxiety everyday of my life even when I was my most happiest and outgoing person.  Oops!  Well, now I do not have anxiety in my world because I am on medications that is helping me and the adjustment is helping me.  Thank goodness!

Last week, Monday, I got this electronic – not a toy – called the body bugg from Apex Fitness.  My mom uses one along with her good friend who works out with her.  Mom and her friend thought I would benefit using it as well and I, since last Monday, agree with both.  I do benefit from using the Body Bugg.  It tells me how many calories I burned throughout the day walking, sitting and sleeping, and breathing, how many steps I have taken throughout the day in my apartment and outside my apartment. I do like the electronic thingy, lol.  It has an armband and a watch-like apparatus that tells your calories, steps, activity, and time.  It also tells you what you have done yesterday (the day before), your target, and trip.  What you have to do is plug it in into an USB port and go to www.bodybugg,com, register the product, and get it up and running after you charge it up all the way.  It is a pretty awesome gadget system.

I have also joined Weight Watchers and went to my very 1st meeting last Wednesday, April 4th.  It was pretty awesome.  My dad is helping me with the program monetarily so I am not worried about it.  I have, on my 1st weigh in, have lost 4 lbs so far.  I do feel better.  Even though it is only 4 lbs so far according to their scales, I do have to admit that I feel better all around with anxiety and panic on an even keel.  I really can not ask for more at this time.  All seems to be more than okay now.


I better go for now and come back later.  I have my shower gal YE coming soon – within 10 minutes.

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