It Has Been Hard Staying Caught Up!!

I will be okay.

No anxiety or anything seriously wrong here.

I have been so busy since I have been back home from the hospital and now I do have to admit that being busier than before is now what is going on right now. I decided, which was done on a mutual standing, not to go to Arkansas with my parents the 23rd of March through the 6th of April after all. After having the meltdown in my counselor’s office on the 20th of March, I needed to get my emotions under control and … having my last bout of anxiety … need a life change. Also reaching 240 lbs scared the blood out of me but yesterday was my very first Weight Watchers meeting. I enjoyed myself and do not feel alone. I lost 4 lbs on my first weigh in. I wonder what my weight will be next Wednesday.

Today is my dad’s birthday. I am not yet feeling very good at keeping up with my journaling lately. I will get caught up yet sooner or later!

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