Quarterly At My Door

I still have not spoken to NMS for the past month now – as March 11th anyway, and still have no urge to get involved into her life.  As long as CSE is in my world, NMS is not getting in the middle of our friendship/relationship.  Even though I have had my issues with CSE in the past, I have vowed that I will get to understand her better from this day forward and help her out whenever I can somehow that is not limited in my life.  NMS has helped me realize how unstable she is mentally at this time and I have no interest in her life any longer after she had told me that she felt we never really had a friendship since 1998 and I have used her for my benefit.  NMS told me, as well, that all I have done was complain about CSE when NMS was the very one, I know this is only my side of things, who told me to keep her in touch about any strange behavior CSE may possess if I see it.  I have found that she is very unhappy woman.  Now I do not mind that CSE keeps in touch with NMS but when it comes to my friendship with CSE, it is not her business and she will not be allowed to put her say into our relationship anymore.  I do not have any more time for NMS and her mood shifts on a daily basis now.  Losing her as a friend was very very upsetting and scary at first but today it is of no loss to me any longer.  I am happier now and busy and CSE and I see each other often.  Anyway…

When KB arrived to help me with my showering and get me ready for the night, she had come in telling me that my quarterly for Sabbath School was at my door and she brought it in.  NMS had a hold of it, the quarterly, for a couple of weeks now and just placed it at my door without even knocking on the door to bring it in herself.  That proved to me that our relationship has totally ended and it is of no loss to me and she is definitely not even concerned about us anymore either I imagine.

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