Friday and My Thoughts on Appointment


I am so glad it is Friday.  The weekend is finally here — and I can breathe a little before heading to my 430 pm appointment at Genesis Counseling services with HL, my nurse prescriber of my medications for depression, anxiety, and panic disorder.  For some reason I am looking forward to showing HL how happy I really am now.

My Thoughts on Appointment

I showed how happy I was to HL but as the appointment went on, something with HL did not settle right in my mind and heart. No anxiety occurred but a feeling just would not settle right.  It seemed that HL frightened me a little.  When I see JP, who went with me this time because Mary had something that had to be taken care of and could not take me to the appointment.  When I talk to JP, I will tell her and see if she saw anything odd about the appointment because I could be analyzing more into the appointment that is not truly there.  I will go from there.


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