My Morning, Grocery Shopping, Good Afternoon

My Morning

I woke up a few minutes before 7 am, watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 7 am, and then watched Murder, She Wrote after watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I know that MMCH is a show for kids and children, I find it fun to watch right away in the morning – how kids learn.  I also like Mickey Mouse!

I watched TV, got online here to update my diary here, and waited patient for RK to come and help with my shower. got dressed for the day, and waited for time to pass before JP came and took me grocery shopping.  In fact, JP came around 1130 am when RK was still here and at 1145 am, we both walked out the door together and I went grocery shopping with JP who had the car in front waiting patiently for me.

Grocery Shopping

JP and I went grocery shopping at Pick N Save instead of Wal-Mart since it was raining.  She had already been there with CD this morning and found a couple of things I had on my grocery list and saw that Pick N Save was having a deal on 10 Smart One dinner for $3 off.  Awesome!  The only thing I do not like about Pick N Save is that it costs more than it does at Wal-Mart and Woodmans.  I hope next week we go to Wal-Mart – weather permitting of course.

Good Afternoon

I just wanted to say good afternoon.  I will be eating dinner at 5 pm or so.

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