LS Called Again, Life With My Personal Savior & Lord

I am not going to allow LS back into my world.  I have promised myself I would not after what happened the past two weeks or so.  I am definitely sick and tired of her drama, her lies, and the fact that she is with a man who really does not give her the time of day she really deserves.  My word sticks where it does and it is going to remain that way until MW is out of life and she stops being such a liar that she has been the moment I met her.  My wants and need to call her SIL and tell SG how I really feel about LS, I would probably be doing the wrong thing by doing so.  Not even sure if SG would even believe a word I say and take EVERYTHING I say and tell LS herself.  Anyway…

LS called again this evening and I did not answer the phone or call her back.  She is out of my life.  LS must be lonely or something horrible as that.  She is a liar, she uses people, and she just wears everyone out after a while and she has worn me out a long time ago now and now this has come to the point of having nothing to do with anymore.  I can handle that one.  LS is not a loss at all. I believe that our, now, former neighbor EW, who has been gone since September 28, 2008, would understand my feelings now and not say anything against my thoughts but she will definitely give me her opinion and yet be patient as possible.  Do I ever miss EW very much sometimes.  I believe she would be proud of my growth in the past year if she was with us today, too.

Life With My Personal Savior & Lord

Okay doke … I have to admit one thing.  The past month now I have really enjoyed my world and my life with my personal Savior and Lord.  The past two weekends now I have really enjoyed the sermons during Worship service and have really enjoyed the music – making a joyful noise to the Lord during the time we sing before and after Worship service.  I felt like dancing and smiling as I sang the best I could – perfect in God’s ears of course – and be happy being among other believers.

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