Hello, Good Afternoon Almost Evening, My Morning, 2 PM – 315 PM, and My World Today


It is just a quick hello here.  I have a lot to say right now so I am going on to do just that through words here.

Good Afternoon Almost Evening

Good afternoon.  It is almost evening here.  CSE will be down in a bit to have supper with me even though we pretty much eat our own food and snacks now that I am on a weight watchers eating plan — no longer calling it a diet now that I am getting used to eating properly and better.

My Morning

I did not have my shower at 8 am this morning.  It was postponed to 2 pm – 315 pm this afternoon because I had an appointment at 9 am at the Rock County Job Center down the street from me 3 blocks away, and TG, my caseworker, was going with me. I was picked up at 830 am and she drove both us to the Job Center and while I was there, before the appointment, I checked something out with the Blackhawk Tech room that is there about some free classes.  I found out what I needed and still made it to the appointment on time.  The appointment begins at 9 am on Mondays every week and once the appointment starts, no one else is allowed into the appointment late and are told to come back next time.  There are appointments every week.  The appointment did not take long.  I filled out an application and then TG and I left to have breakfast at Eagle Inn.  I had two egg beater egg, fruit and rye toast for my breakfast, along with water.

After breakfast TG dropped me off at home and I was home by 1045 am.

2 PM – 315 PM

YE came bu at 2 pm this afternoon to help me with my shower instead of my original time 8 am to 915 am because of an appointment I had to be at.

My World Today

My world today has been very good.  I did not hear from MM until 635 pm but she did not forget to call me.  I had called her twice today hoping and thinking about her family as there was a family emergency Friday afternoon.  I had learned that her family emergency was not horrible.  She just needed to take care of her nephews for her niece because something happened there.  I did explain to MM about how I felt about HL and her standoffish way and we discussed it for a while.  It came to the conclusion that I will discuss it with SW, my counselor the next time I go in for my next session.  I will go from there.

As for my world, it was a nice day today.

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