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My appointment, even though late but getting there, did go well.  It seemed short and sweet, and to the point, and then I was off heading back home.  I find it easy to talk to SW but I always have liked someone with me more than being entirely alone with my counselor at all appointments but I do have to admit that being alone with a counselor, like SW is not bad at all.  She is an awesome counselor.  When we talk about my progress, setbacks, and things in life, SW shares her life along with her progresses and setbacks, and things in life.  She is amazing and awesome.  When PS retired I believe she recommended a very good recommendation and I really like SW very much.  Being alone with her is not awful one bit.  I just always like to have someone with me all the time though.  Now that I am feeling happier and filled with life more than ever before, life seems to be a lot easier for me.

No Company Today

I did see CSE this morning for a few minutes but not for the rest of the day or night.  We did communicate by phone, though.  CSE needed to have time for herself and get some of her own things done without a candle burning at two ends pulling her in every direction and dragging her down to exhaustion and confusion.  The past three days I have seen her very tired and slow moving and I can relate to that from my past life before my anxiety and panic disorder was taken care of and put under control.  CSE did promise she would keep in touch and she did that.  When we said our good nights, on the phone, I let her know I was taking my evening medication and going to sleep, and gave her the time to see if she can get online from her place instead of being down here until midnight or even 3 am in the morning.  CSE needed her rest and get other things done outside of writing her book and doing her ancestral history via the internet.   She is also into history big time as well.

Good Night

I am going to say good night,  My medication for the evening has been taken, and I will be asleep by 9 pm – like clock work every night.

Good night and God bless.


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