A Busy Day, I Wish She Would Stop, My World the Rest of the Day, & My New Weekly Schedule

A Busy Day

With my shower at 9 am and company coming from 10 to 12 noon to help organize my home, I found my morning to the 12 noon hour very busy and by the time company left, I had the rest of the day to myself.  I even had CSE down to share my supper hour with me.

I Wish She Would Stop

I wish JSL would stop texting me why do  I have someone on my Facebook page.  JSL, according to the message that was sent my way that I did not appreciate at all – my opinion wanted – is the one acting like the drama queen and telling the other person a message sent to her that another person is such a drama queen.  Why can’t people judge for themselves without someone like JSL really getting in the middle of everything.  I just feel, now and always, that JSL is the drama queen and she is the troublemaker in a lot of areas of her young life.  She has a lot of growing up to do … more than I had thought.  I WILL NOT DELETE ANYONE ON MY FACEBOOK I AM NOT HAVING ANY TROUBLE WITH AND I WILL NOT BE TOLD WHO AND WHAT I HAVE ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE AT ANY GIVEN TIME.  PEOPLE NEED TO FIGHT THEIR OWN BATTLES AND LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.

JSL and I will no longer be friends in the near future anyway.  If it is true that what I have been hearing for several weeks now, I hope that her presence here at our building will be less or her presence will be eliminated from this place for good.  She has too many problems with people!  I have this feeling that she does things just to stir trouble with others.  Facebook is NOT the place to air out dirty laundry publicly because it can be hurtful, dangerous, and it is just wrong.  I can fully understand that this one person was asking for help in the situation she was thrown in but because I am friends with JSL I felt it was not necessary to see the contents of the conversation or put my thoughts into the conversation.  I will keep this one person on my Facebook page as long as I do not have any trouble with her, and once I do, I will delete and block her.  I looked on JSL’s page several times and found that she deleted two people from her page who took part of the conversation.

I just wish that JSL would stop sending me texts to my phone asking me questions about why I still so and so on my page.  It is none of business who and why I have so and so on my page.  She is just looking for trouble as always.  Her attitude really STINKS!!

My World the Rest of the Day

Other than being mad at JSL right now, the rest of my day has been super great.  With not having anymore anxiety, it is not nice to have emotion without anxiety included for once in my life.  My world has been super duper great and busy.  I have things going on in my world now everyday and it is great!

My New Weekly Schedule

Monday – Thursday Mornings I have showers.  Friday and every other Saturday I have evening to dinner time showers, every other Saturday I have  a shower at 3 pm now.  Tuesdays I have laundry and cleaning, Wednesday is my Weight Watcher weigh in and meeting evening from 5 to 6 pm, Thursdays after my morning shower I have KP come for a couple of hours from 10 to 12 or so to help organize my apartment.  Today we organized my desk and got a lot of recycled materials out of the apartment along with trash.  Friday is my grocery shopping day. Saturday and Sunday I go to church.  I have been going to church every Sunday morning.

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