Remembering Someone’s Birthday Today & What the Heck?

Remembering Someone’s Birthday Today

It has been months now since I have been deleted and blocked from BW’s Facebook page so today I could not the jerk a happy birthday – wouldn’t even if I was still a “friend” on his Facebook page.  I have heard of drama queens and now I have heard of drama kings too and BW created drama for himself for going haywire over something so trivial and could have been taken care of more civilly months ago.  So today, unfortunately, am remembering BW’s birthday today.  He is 42 years old today.  So I guess…

Happy Birthday, BW!

What the Heck!

JSL is still acting like the drama queen herself and she has texted me three times this week saying she still sees me on a certain person’s Facebook page and today she has sent me a text stating “hey… y r u still on this person’s page?” (name omitted and person’s page was used instead)… Honestly, JSL is the only one who is having trouble with this one certain person.  JSL has been spying on my page to see if this certain person is still on my page and so I spied on her page to see if she still had certain people on her page – dissolved the friendship with two people, and still has a certain person she has stated is a drama queen in one of her messages to this certain person (the very one she wants me to delete from my page)…  JSL is NOT making me very happy right now – indeed ready to walk away from her for sure now.  I will not answer any of her texts regarding Facebook anymore if she continues to text me about this certain person.  JSL has made me mad.  I am upset with her.  So what the heck is wrong with JSL now?  She is such a drama queen and I surely do not need this crap from her.

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