Beginning To Know the Truth Now

Okay, I am beginning to know the truth now.

Who is the drama queen here?  JSL of course.  I was not impressed or happy whatsoever having this sent to me by a “friend” on Facebook – not JSL – but reading the message I could see and understand that this one “friend” on Facebook was only looking for understanding of the situation from her friends, but I do have to admit that I was not thrilled reading JSL’s messages that she had written to this one other friend.  In fact, I was not very happy and left the conversation whereas other friends I am mutual friends with myself had also left the conversation.  I just do not appreciate the language JSL used!  So who  is the drama queen?

  • Marie Updike


    Marie Updike

    • i dont know y it matters who i add on facebook like its a big secret i get along with everyone but apparently jennie has a secret or something i dont get it i hope everyone can help figure this out with me

      • Jennie Livingston

        • Hi. How do you know my friends that you have added on your page? Like, Janessa, Liz Francis, Sue Ostenson, & Sara? Please STOP adding my friends. I don’t apprecaite that. If you cont. to do so w/o asking me 1st then I will be removing you off of my pg. I like to have my friends stay separate from one another. So please understand. Thx. Jennie

      • Jennie Livingston

        • Well be careful with Liz. She can be a drama queen. & ok. I’ll let this slide since you know them then. I just don’t want any of my family being added either. I got tons of family on here. Thx.

      • Jennie Livingston

        • How do you know Scott Searcy? Why do you keep adding my friends?

        • You added my family. now its war. I know you don’t know them. Why are you doing this shit?

        • I don’t want you talking to my fucking family or Dave’s. The ppl you added were his family. you bitch.

        • You know you need to grow up. I don’t need my family being friends with drama queens like you.

        • Because of this I deleted you.

        • My family won’t add you anyhow. So  They don’t add ppl they don’t know. Unlike u.

  • Little Sara Bear

    • Um Marie I known u for awhile idk whay going on

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