A Busy Weekend & Today

A Busy Weekend

I had a very busy weekend!  In fact, I went to church on Saturday and Sunday, and I great time all weekend long.  I had gotten home yesterday, after 12 noon, not knowing exactly what time I had finally arrived to my apartment because I ended up chatting with a couple of neighbors in the lobby.  In fact, promising a Facebook friend I would say hello to his aunt for him the next time I saw his aunt, I would, so I was able to do that for him.   Then… Finally I arrived to my apartment that was so many feet away from the apartment building’s lobby.  I was bound and determined to relax and get comfortable for the rest of the day and evening, and last night around 1040 pm CSE came in to let me know she had just gotten home.  I had dozed off between 5 and 10 pm because I was tired from having such a very busy weekend – another busy week on top of that.


I had my scheduled shower at 8 am this morning.  Then the rest of the day I did much of nothing.  I ended up getting my period on Saturday after my worker MM, KB, and I ended up talking about them!  LOL  … Anyway, I relaxed, and CSE is coming and going back and forth from her apartment and mine today after having supper with me and wanting to be online down here for a while.  I really have not done much of anything outside the apartment today.  It is cloudy outdoors and we are expecting 50% chance of thunderstorms by Wednesday which blows my chance of getting out this week to go to the Job Center to the BTC room so I can take care of some paperwork to refresh my math, reading, and writing.  It might have to wait until next week now.  I have to wait and see. I have been super duper busy the past two weeks now.


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