Good Morning!

I thought I would say good morning very quickly.  I have company coming at 8 am CST this morning and we are going to begin organizing my bedroom for an hour today, the the rest of the day is all mine and I intend on not going anywhere until Sunday morning to church at Bethel Baptist Church.

JP and J were here for only a half an hour this morning.  JP vacuumed my living room floor, swept and mopped the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom floors, and we picked up my bedroom a little bit.  I have two packages of disposable underwear left for the rest of the month – not bad – plus 11 to 13 pairs of disposable underwear in the bathroom.  Again, not bad at all.

\12:21 pm CST

As it goes… I got a call from our pastor today so I will be going to church tomorrow as well as Sunday.  I have a busy weekend ahead but a fine one it is going to be.

12:28 pm CST

Now I am taking advantage of the rest of my day after getting my medications for next month.


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