Tenant Rudeness

I could not believe that a gentleman who lives at the end of the building I do yell out of his apartment at the neighbor across the hall from her telling her to shut her dog up and calling it a piece of shit.  Knowing the tenant who lives in that apartment, I was appalled and felt very unhappy at him.  I felt for the neighbor who has the dog.  She has been getting a lot of flack from this tenant for awhile now but it will not be much longer because he is apparently moving out.

To be very honest here, I personally thought this tenant, knowing his name and it not being disclosed of course, was a nice gentleman until I heard what came out of his mouth today. It just seems that everyone here has a problem with another tenant and we cannot all get along and be equals but again we all have our cliques to hang with.  I rarely get together with tenants outside my apartment much anymore but will play Yahtzee with a couple of good neighbors, say hello to tenants who are in the community room from time to time, but otherwise I stay to myself and visit CSE at her place once in a while.

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