Plans For Today

I have my shower in about 15 minutes and then at 10 am, KP will be here for awhile before we go to my 11 am appointment to see Dr. A who makes sure that my bowels are good and moving along fine since I had two bouts of constipation last year.  After my 11 am appointment, KP and I are coming back here to do some more organizing in my living room.  We are making progress .. I am making progress.  After KP leaves, then the rest of the day is mine and then tomorrow I have an appointment with the dentist in Illinois at a place called Dental Dreams.

After my company leaves this afternoon, I intend on catching up here on my journaling for the days I have not yet filled but do remember what I did each day.  I have been super duper busy. Until then, gotta run and say good bye for now but not forever, and God bless!  Hope everyone has a good day.

Delayed on catching up.  Never happened today

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